A downloadable game for Windows

In the skies over the Pacific, on that fateful day in 1937, Amelia Earhart meets an unexpected enemy...

Features the voice talents of Xibanya and Mihai_Zetta.




WSAD or IJKL or Cursor Keys, or Left Thumbstick


Spacebar, or Left Mouse Button, or Button A on Xinput

Fire Special:

Left Ctrl, or Right Mouse Button, or Button X on Xinput


For the two extra non-shareware episodes, please clarify if you want it posted on 3.5 " or 5.25 " floppies.

DISCLAIMER: There is no evidence to support "Snowy" Randall being a cokehead, though he was dismissed from the RAF.

All events depicted within are fictitious.


1937.zip 24 MB